About IPE

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Using Ipe for your Exterior Remodeling

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is widely recognized as one of the hardest and most durable timber species in the world. The color ranges from dark brown to olive-brown and sometimes almost blackish tones, with wide variation in grains. It is one of the South American ironwoods. It is naturally durable and resistant to rot, decay, and termites. This makes for an excellent choice for exterior applications like Ipe Decking or Ipe Siding. It not only lasts a long time but has the beauty of an interior hardwood. Ipe is a popular natural alternative to PVC or composite products. Approximately seven times harder than Cedar and outlasts other popular wood decking species.

Ipe wood decking is the most popular type of hardwood decking solution. It provides a beautiful long-lasting deck for your home. Ipe is extremely hard; therefore, Ipe decking will wear well and last a very long time. With the proper installation and care, it can last 40+ years in most installations. It is great in harsh environments such as the ocean or beach. Ipe decking also exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for Static Coefficient of friction in a wet environment, meaning that it’s very slip-resistant for pool areas or docks.

Ipe siding has become an extremely popular choice for residential and commercial buildings. Premium Ipe siding offers a featured architectural element while lasting many years in service due to its superior technical properties. Siding made out of naturally durable hardwoods have proven themselves time and again. By using a 100% natural wood product, you can recycle and reuse the product at the end of its life cycle. If Ipe siding is allowed to age, color can be brought back to its original shade with the use of a pressure washer. Ipe siding has become a very popular and inexpensive alternative to the teak siding.